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CRM is your one-stop-shop to redefining health & fitness. A method that stands out in an industry full of fads & non-science backed programming. CRM was founded on principles of barre, functional training, Pilates, core heavy & low impact HIIT style workouts. The workouts are musically driven, beat based, HIGH ENERGY & they FLOW! Vibes are always immaculate. These scientifically based sculpt sessions are PROVEN to make you look and feel stronger and longer. Join our community of badass CRM men and women who don’t have time to waste & want the most effective and consistent workouts! We got you. Cheers to unlocking your strongest, sexiest YOU!

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“Christin’s expertise in fitness is unmatched. Her ability to correct form not only protects from injuries but also unleashes maximum potential in every class. Thanks to her guidance, I started seeing my six-pack after just a few sessions. Plus, her comedic touch keeps workouts fun, and the right amount of soreness ensures I keep coming back for more!”
– Brittney Diamond, Jupiter FL

“I have been taking Christin’s classes for a little over a year now. She is so knowledgeable gives the best all body workouts all while making it fun! Time goes by fast and I always feel like I leave with a great workout. Her energy and personality is just the bonus! Christins classes are my favorite and I work my schedule around not missing them!”
– Renee Panzer, Lake Worth FL

“Since training with Christin I’ve seen my body get tighter and am finally seeing the results of my hard work. My waist is snatched and my abs flatter than before. She’s tough, but it works! She’s also pretty entertaining 😁”
– Elena Roscoe, Jupiter FL

“My girl keeps me coming back for more!!! I plan my weeks out around Christin’s classes. I’ve made it a top priority to show up balancing it with being a mom, working full-time, and even driving from a couple towns away… Her personality just suits me and I live for her judgment free zone. She has transformed my core, pushes us the entire class and I wish I had the time to take more of her classes!”
– Katie G, Jupiter FL

“Christin you are amazing. Your fantastic instructing has transformed my physique wonderfully. The hugest change is my mindset. You have instilled confidence in my ability which motivates me to try and push myself. I love your teaching style and am happy to be your client”.
– Janine Rose, Jupiter FL

“Over the past several years, Christin Rutley has been an incredible trainer whose dedication and expertise have transformed my fitness journey along with so many others. Her personalized approach and fun motivational guidance make every class not just a workout, but a step towards being healthier and stronger version of yourself. I highly recommend Christin to anyone seeking a truly remarkable training experience!”
– Jessica Willoughby, Jupiter FL

“If you are someone that needs accountability and motivation to work out, you need Christin in your life. She is the only person that can consistently deliver a work out that is worth it. Her unwavering energy, ability to connect with people, ab aching humor (you see what I did there 😜), and passion to transform those around her makes her barre none (there too 😜) the best in the industry.
– Jacqui G, Palm Beach FL

“I’ve been going to Christin’s barre classes on and off for almost 3 years. There’s nothing like it. I’ve never felt stronger than when I’m consistently going to her classes and my abs have never looked better🔥just when you think you’re done, she pushes you to go just a little bit further. Her in class banter keeps you accountable to be your best self and show up even when you aren’t feeling “it.” You can tell she genuinely cares about her clients. Cant recommend her enough!”
– Maddy Scheckel, WPB FL

“Christin’s knowledge and expertise with fitness, form, and nutrition has taken my health and fitness journey to new levels. Christin will push you; she will give you the confidence to push yourself further than you’ve ever imagined. Christin isn’t your standard instructor, her unique style is what elevates her to pillars above other instructors.”
– Jennifer Zenardi, PBG FL

“I can’t put into words how much I enjoy working out with this woman! Not only are her workouts dynamic and challenging, but she will keep you smiling and laughing the entire workout. Love you CR, and love being a small part of what you love to do!”
– Eleni Howard, Tequesta FL

“Giving you all the thanks because of you and your teachings, I have lost 30 pounds of my post partum weight and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been! My mobility has increased, I can see muscle in my arms and back! Thank you for all your work with me and showing me the CRMethod! Appreciate you beyond words!♥️🥰🙏🏼”
– Mallory Hull, Palm Beach Gardens FL 

“I love Christin and her amazing classes so so so much. Not only is she the funniest human being alive she’s so beyond talented in so many ways. The energy she brings is absolutely TOP TIER. There’s no one in the whole wide world like her. You’ll never leave a class disappointed, this girl knows what she’s doing.”
– Sophia Cavallo, Palm Beach Gardens FL

“I started training with Christin back in 2021. As someone who doesn’t love to work out, I immediately knew I had to keep her apart of my life. Christin’s classes and sessions were not only fun, lively, and fast paced, but the results were immediate. Who can “hate” exercising when you’re laughing while making progress?! It’s a win win. Christin is always there to answer any of my fitness or nutrition questions, as well as motivating me to push myself because she knows I can. Training with Christin has been an investment in my mental and physical health, and I am very thankful for that.”
– Gina Masolotti, Jupiter FL

“Christin is a your go-to barre instructor. Her energy and magnetic personality make every class an absolute blast. With her expert guidance and enthusiasm, you’ll leave feeling stronger, and ready to conquer the world. Christin isn’t just an amazing barre instructor; but also a comedian and a therapist.”
– Kayleigh Prophett, jupiter FL

“I have been doing group fitness for over 25 years and in that time I have had multiple instructors whom I have enjoyed. With that being said, when lifetime opened and I started taking Christin’s classes I noticed after a few months my body began to change. Not only was I loving her music, energy, and motivation but I was seeing results, big results; changes in my body that I had never experienced before with exercise. Christin’s knowledge of how to put different moves together all while engaging your core was blowing my mind!! I’m 52 and I have a six pack and it’s all thanks to Christin! I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at this, she was born to do this and I am forever grateful to her for assisting me with falling in love with fitness all over again. She’s truly one of a kind and someone that I’ll be forever grateful to.”
– Katharine Gillespie

“Christin’s classes are the highlight of my week. Her teaching style leaves you feeling the burn in muscles you never knew existed. With contagious energy and enthusiasm, she combines entertainment with tough love, motivating you to every step of the way.”
– Kellie Reeves, Jupiter FL

“There are plenty of coaches, instructors and trainers that can help get you into shape if YOU’RE motivated to show up and do the work. Then there are certain individuals that have an energy around them that people are drawn to. Christin is one of those people that brings the energy to get you motivated to want to put in the work. She has more than enough knowledge and expertise but it’s her energy, humor and passion for helping her clients get better that make her stand out from everyone else. I’ve been lucky enough to work with her for almost 2 years and have seen a dramatic improvement in my physical appearance and fitness levels beyond what I ever thought possible.”
– Matt McBreen, Jupiter FL

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